Permit Applications & Forms

Applications: (Application Forms are Below)
  • Application submissions are not electronic at this time.  Please print out and complete the application and/or form and return with the application fee.  
  • Any applications received after the December 31st deadline will be considered late and the annual fee will be doubled in amount.
  • Incomplete application packets submitted to the Board of Health will not be accepted and will be returned to the establishment address listed on the application.
  • Applications returned to your establishment as incomplete and resubmitted after the December 31st deadline will be considered late the fee will be doubled in amount.
  • **All event permit applications must be submitted to the Halifax Board of Health at least 30 days prior to any planned event opening date. **
  • Any outstanding fees due by an establishment must be paid prior to a permit renewal. 
  • Failure to pay outstanding or late fees will result in non-renewal.
Please be sure to enclose all required documents:
  • Completed, dated and signed permit application                  ***All must submit
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit                         ***All must submit
  • Liability Insurance Certificate                                                ***All must submit
    • Liability Insurance is a requirement for the Halifax Board of Health to issue a permit. 
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate                      *** If Applicable
  • A copy of State License                                                            *** If Applicable
  • Food Safety Certificate                                                            *** Food Services
  • Allergen Awareness Certificate                                               *** Food Services
  • Application Fee                                                                         ***All must submit (See fee schedule or contact office)

All checks must be made out to the Town of Halifax and mailed to the Halifax Board of Health, 499 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA  02337.


The Halifax Board of Health Local Initiatives:
  1. Responsible Dumpster Maintenance
  2. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

     Dumpsters: How to prevent them from being breeding grounds for flies/rodents and how to make better use of the dumpsters.

     As I spoke with people about the problem of flies this last summer and autumn, I could not help but notice that the flies seemed to coming from their very own dumpsters.  Most of the dumpsters are very close to the back doors, for the sake of convenience.  It was only a short flight for the flies to make their way into the kitchen of the restaurants. 

       As I continued to speak with owners about this problem, one told me that he prevented the problem by pouring some bleach into the dumpster each time it was emptied.  That method may have worked but it is not one I can advocate because bleach, used straight or too strong is a powerful irritant.  Please see the following suggestions:

     Keep dumpsters closed.  If lids are broken, insist that the owning company fix it or replace it.  Please feel free to let me know if the delivery company is not responding in a timely manner.

     Render food scraps and waste unpalatable to flies, rodents and seagulls by pouring a mixture of liquid soap and watered down bleach on the food before it goes to the dumpster.

     Keep dumpsters clean. Periodic cleaning is an excellent way to deter flies, rodents and odors.  Please do not use pesticides or harsh chemicals for this.  They are dangerous to people and the environment.  Look for a product that is environmentally safe.  I am not endorsing any particular product but here are two suggestions for the type of product that is environmentally safe and responsible:

Dumpster Delite with citronella.  

Dock & Dumpster, which works with safe, “good” bacterial action.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

                Many of the businesses in Halifax do not yet recycle.  Thank you to those who do.  Most people do not realize that is against the law to throw away recyclables.  The day is fast approaching when someone from DEP will drive by, see cardboard boxes in your dumpster and walk in to issue you an order to comply and issue a fine.  I hoping that I can convince you to start recycling and prevent that from ever happening to you.

                Not only is recycling required by law for businesses, it will help your business to make more efficient use of the dumpsters that all of you rent.  

                You do have options.  You can bring recyclables to the Recycling Center (Mon 5-8, Wed 10-1, Sat 7:30-12:30) or you can speak to your rubbish hauler about this need.  Some companies specialize in cardboard collection.  Some of you are already doing this.  Perhaps you could share the cost and use of a cardboard dumpster with some of your establishment neighbors.


Application Forms: