Local Media

Newspapers, Radio Stations and TV Stations

Boston Globe

Boston - Channel 4 (WBZ)

Boston Herald

Boston - Channel 5 (WCVB)

Brockton Enterprise

Boston - Channel 7 (WDHD)

Halifax Reporter

Boston - Channel 25 (WFXT)

Patriot Ledger

New England Cable News

Plympton-Halifax Express

Providence - Channel 6 (WLNE)

Buzz Around

Providence - Channel 10 (WJAR)

WATD (95.9)

Providence - Channel 12 (WPRI)

 Providence - Channel 64 (WNAC)

This list of newspapers, radio stations, and television stations includes those media outlets that may carry stories about Halifax even on an infrequent basis. The Town of Halifax does not endorse the individual opinions or views represented by these organizations.