Cable Television Advisory Board

Duties & Responsibilities

The Cable Television Advisory Board advises the Board of Selectmen concerning contract negotiations with cable television providers and monitors whether the cable television companies are meeting the stipulations listed in the contracts.

Public Access Television

Public access television in Halifax is produced by "Area 58 Public Media" a non-profit corporation funded by the Towns of Carver, Halifax, and Plympton. Phone number is phone (508)-866-1019. Address is P.O. Box 287, 60 South Meadow Road, Carver, MA 02330. E-mail is [email protected]

Local Cable Broadcasts

The Halifax School Committee and Board of Selectmen's meetings are back on cable. Various meetings of the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee are on Channel 15. Halifax Elementary School Committee and Silver Lake Regional School Committee are broadcast on Channel 14. In addition, some meetings may be available through the "area58_halifax".

Taping of Meetings and Other Events

If there is a public meeting or event which you would liked taped for future broadcast, please contact John Shiavone at 781-724-9059.

Posting Announcements on Public Access Channel

Send notices for publication on the public access cable list of announcements/scroll to: [email protected]

Other Cable Companies

Except for Comcast, no other entity has indicated an interest in bringing cable television to Halifax. While Verizon has cable service in some communities in southeastern Massachusetts, it has decided, for financial reasons, not to offer cable service in Halifax. The Town cannot require that Verizon or any other cable television company provide service. Residents interested in having Verizon bring cable service to Halifax should contact Donna C. Cupelo, President, Verizon New England, INc., 125 High Street, Oliver Tower, 7th floor, Boston, MA 02110, Telephone: (617) 743-6859 E-mail: [email protected]

Low-Cost Internet Services

Comcast runs a program through providing families with children who are eligible to receive free lunches under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) with low-cost Internet services, affordable computers and digital literacy training.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Charlie Seelig (781) 294-1316

Board Members

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John Shiavone


Richard Wright