Animal Control Officer

Dogs on Athletic Fields

Note:  Dogs are not allowed on the playing fields behind the Elementary School, the ballfield by the Police Station and the soccer fields on Summit Street. Unfortunately, there have been too many cases in which owners fail to clean up after their dogs, resulting in messes being left behind for sports participants to deal with. Dogs are allowed at the Burrage Pond Wildlife Refuge.

Dogs at the Burrage Pond Wildlife Refuge

The Burrage Pond Wildlife Refuge has access points on Elm Street in Halifax to the Wildlife Refuge and in Hanson off of Hawks Avenue.

Please contact the Southeast Region of Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife at 508-759-3406 for more information about the Wildlife Refuge. A map and general information are available.

In regards to dogs, dogs must be restrained (by leash/chain or strict voice control) and all dog waste is to be removed from all areas (particularly from roads, trails and trail edges) for people to be in compliance with several laws/regulations that might apply. There are several laws and regulations that apply:

These have to do with dogs that are not controlled and the potential for them to run/harm/harass deer

Please see Section 3.01(1)(e) regarding dumping or discarding trash/waste.....this would include dog waste)

There are obviously exemptions for the use of hunting dogs for training, field trials and hunting purposes.

Staff Contacts

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Amanda Feighery Animal Control Officer (781) 294-8713 Ext. 156