Outdoor Events

***All permit applications must be submitted to the Halifax Board of Health at least 30 days prior to any planned event opening date.***


Please print and complete application and/or form and return with application fee.  If you would like to expedite the permit process, you may fax, 781-293-1738 or email, [email protected] the application and required documents and send the fee by U.S.


All checks must be made out to the Town of Halifax and mailed to the Halifax Board of Health, 499 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA  02337.


Large Outdoor Event Owner/Holder/Organizer:

Required Documents:

Completed, dated and signed permit application.

Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit.

Liability Insurance Certificate.

Liability Insurance is a requirement for the Halifax Board of Health to issue a permit.

Insurance certificates must be submitted prior to an event and must pertain to the event listed on the permit application.

If an event is repeated, the date(s) on the insurance certificate must cover all of the events or the entire event period.

Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate.

Map/Drawing of Event

Application fee for Large Outdoor Event: $200.00

May need to obtain a promoter’s license.


Obtain “Sign-Off” from each town department pertinent to the event.

Mobile Food Vender participating in Large Outdoor Events: