Workplace Posters

Each building or workplace where individuals are employed by the Town of Halifax must have copies of all the items on this list posted in a location where employees frequent (i.e., don't put them in a closet). Departments can download the posters from this site, from the various state and federal web sites or purchase a poster that combines most if not all of these notices in a condensed and compact form. The links to the generic posters go to the government agencies (US and Massachusetts) that provide them and should be the latest editions of the posters. In four cases, posters have been designed specifically for Halifax.

The United States guide for posters is with the US Department of Labor.

The Massachusetts guide for posters is with the MA Department of Labor. The page notes that it "... is provided as a convenience, but may not be comprehensive."

TypePoster SourcePoster (Generic)Poster (Specific to Halifax)
USOccupational Safety and Health Administration  (OSHA)View 
USEmployees' Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)View 
USH2A Permits and EmployeesView 
USEqual Employment Opportunity

Two posters must be posted:





USPolygraph Protection ActView 
USUniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act (USERRA)View 
USMinimum WageView 
USFamily and Medical Leave ActView 
MAWhistle Blower LawView - There does not appear to be an official poster, but the law is to be posted. 
MAWage and Hours LawsView 

Workers' Compensation

MAFair Employment ActView 
MASexual Harassment PolicyViewView
MAUnemployment InformationView 
MAParental Leave ActView - There does not appear to be an official poster, but the law is to be posted.View
MARight to KnowView 
MASmoke Free WorkplaceView 
MAFair Housing ActView 
MASmall Necessities ActView 
MAPregnant Workers Fairness ActView - There does not appear to be an official poster, but the law is to be posted. The link above is to a FAQ by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. The link to the left is a synpopsis of the law.View
MAWorkplace Safety and Health Protection for Public EmployeesView