Wage & Personnel Public Hearing / Meeting

The Halifax Wage and Personnel Board holds an annual public hearing/public meeting to hear proposals for changes to the Town's Wage and Personnel By-Law. The proposals can include requests for changes in the operations of the Board, wages and benefits for non-union employees covered under the Wage and Personnel By-Law, and other matters included in the by-law. All proposals must be submitted to the Wage and Personnel Board, with a copy to the Town Clerk, by December 31. The public hearing/public meeting is held in January to hear and discuss these proposals. After the concluding the hearing, the Wage and Personnel Board reviews the proposals and makes recommendations for changes to the By-Law at the Annual Town Meeting. Any proposal heard at the public hearing but not recommended by the Wage and Personnel Board can also be brought to the Annual Town Meeting for a vote. For more information, please contact the Wage and Personnel Board or the Town Administrator.