Fiscal Year 2021 tax bills will be mailed by October 1, 2020. The first half bill will be due November 2, 2020. Abatement applications are due/postmarked by November 2, 2020, as shown on the tax bill itself. All applications received after this time must be denied due to lack of jurisdiction.

Several questions may arise from concerned taxpayers that need to be addressed. At this time of year, after the revaluation or interim adjustment and the increase in taxes, questions center on abatements and filing for relief. In any mass appraisal, errors may appear that affect the value, whether it is an error in measuring the property, or the inclusion of something that no longer exists, or a misstatement of locational or area attributes. Massachusetts General Law provides the taxpayer with a process in which they can contest the assessed value on a specific parcel. For more information click on the topics listed below: