Recycling FAQs

Who do I call if my recycling has not been picked up?

Call the Recycling Center at 781-293-1732.

Does the Recycling Center accept household trash?

No. All participants in the household trash program must purchase town-imprinted bags and leave them at curbside on the designated day.

Is there some place where I can leave nickel deposit bottles and cans?

The Recycling Center does have bins for nickel deposit bottles and cans. Non-profit organizations then pick up the bottles and cans to help support their programs. In addition, the Boy Scouts run collection programs several times a year. Check the Town's event schedule to see if one will be held in the near future.

When is the latest that I can bring recyclables and household trash to the curb?

You must bring all recyclables and household trash to the curb by 7:00am on the day they are scheduled for collection.

Is there a special bin that I must use to have recyclables picked up at curbside?

Yes. You can pick up a special green Town of Halifax recycling bin at the Recycling Center in order to have recycling picked up at curbside.

Are there places to recycle objects such as clothing and books?

Halifax Generations has a bin behind the Council on Aging/Pope's Tavern, 506 Plymouth Street for books and the Halifax Congregational Church has one behind the church, 503 Plymouth Street, for books, CDs and DVDs and clothing.

Is there a group collecting 5-cent deposit bottles and cans?

Yes, the Halifax Cub Scouts have containers that residents can use to drop off 5-cent deposit bottles and cans. Do not drop off water bottles and other bottles and cans that do not have a 5-cent deposit into these bins. Please use the regular recycling bins for plastics and metals.