Holmes Public Library

Mission Statement

The Holmes Public Library strives to be an integral part of the community by providing patrons with open and equitable access to informational, educational, cultural and recreational resources; to meet and interact with others in the community; to attain their educational goals; to find, evaluate and use information in a variety of formats; and to continue to learn throughout their lives.

In serving this mission, the Library endeavors to create an environment that welcomes and satisfies the needs of patrons of all ages, abilities, and cultural backgrounds via a dedicated and informed staff, a vital collection, current technology and access to regional resources.

Staff Contacts

NameTitleE-Mail Address


Assistant Director/Cataloger

Children's Librarian

Community Outreach Librarian

Emily Moreno

Technology Librarian

Library Assistant/Book Mobile Librarian

Library Trustees (6 trustees elected for 3-year terms)

NameTerm Expires
Madeline Flood


Diane Ruxton


Kathleen Shiavone


Patrick Michaels


Sue Vogt