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Looking for New Members

In Massachusetts, public funding for the arts, humanities and sciences is provided through a central agency, Mass Cultural Council, and a network of Local Cultural Councils (LCCs) that serve every city and town in the state. LCCs are made up of volunteers who are appointed by the community's chief elected official. Because councils administer public dollars, LCCs play an especially important role in ensuring that cultural opportunities are made accessible to all segments of their communities.

The Halifax Cultural Council is looking for new members as several of the current members have terms that have expired or will expire in the next few months and cannot continue to serve as members because of a limit on the maximum number of consecutive years that they can serve on the Council.

The primary role of the Halifax Cultural Council is to distribute grants to organizations and creators and artists who provide cultural and related program to the residents of Halifax and nearby communities. The Council usually meets once or twice a year to decide on how to allocate the funds sent to it by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. The meetings tend to last less than an hour.

Residents interested in serving on the Cultural Council can contact the Selectmen's Office at 781-294-1316 or download ( a Talent Bank form and send it to the Halifax Board of Selectmen, 499 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA 02338. Anyone with questions can contact the Selectmen's Office.

Duties & Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Halifax Cultural Council is the distribution, once each year, of the Town's allocation of lottery proceeds devoted to arts and cultural programs. All applications for the next cycle must be postmarked no later than October 17, 2022.MCC

The Halifax Cultural Council is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Applications for FY2024 - LCC online applications open September 1, 2023 and deadline for applications is October 17, 2023.

The Halifax Cultural Council is now accepting applications for the Council's Fiscal Year 2024 grant cycle.  All applications must be submitted on-line at (click on the "Apply Now" tab) no later than Monday, October 17.  Additional information is available on the Council's web site:  Applicants can obtain more information through the Halifax Board of Selectmen's office at 781-294-1316.


Successful applicants should send invoices, reimbursement forms, and associated background material (publicity of the event, etc.) to the Halifax Cultural Council, Halifax Town Hall, 499 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA 02338.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Cody Haddad (781) 294-1316

Council Members

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Brian Kling



Colleen Fiumara


Jacquelin Canapino