Beautification Committee

Duties & Responsibilities

The Beautification Committee works to improve the landscape of the Town's properties including the areas around public buildings, along the streets and traffic islands by planting flowering plants, bushes and other vegetation and helping to keep these areas free from litter.

Spring Clean Up Day

The Beautification Committee will be having their annual Spring Clean Up Day on Saturday, May 21st from 10am to noon. Volunteers are needed - a great high school community service opportunity. Reach out via email: [email protected]

Litter Busting Program

Resident litter-buster, Shirley Graf is working in conjunction with the Halifax Police Department and Halifax Beautification Committee to put a stop to litering in Halifax. How do you participate? It's easy! Share photos and stories of your litter-busting adventures on the Halifax Beautification Committee Facebook page to keep us up to date and show others how they can make a difference. As always, thank you for your efforts in keeping Halifax beautiful

Attachment: Litter Busting Program Flyer (PDF)

Spring Clean Up Day - Postponed

The Halifax Beautification Committee has decided to postpone the Annual Spring Clean-Up Day scheduled for Saturday, April 25. It will be re-scheduled for a later date. Stay safe families.

The Halifax Beautification Committee will hold a SpringClean Up Day on Saturday, April 25, 2020 from 10am to noon. Please meet at 10:00 AM at the front porch of the town hall! Volunteers needed from all areas of Halifax for the annual Spring Clean-Up! Residents, families, neighbors, community service organizations, businesses- please join us! We will pass out trash bags and gloves for clean-up. There will be a list of suggested "high litter" areas that need some TLC and attention. THANK YOU for helping to Keep Halifax Beautiful! Facebook event

Fitzgerald Garden

The Halifax Beautification Committee in conjunction with the Fitzgerald Family has established a gift account for the maintenance and upkeep of the new Margaret Fitzgerald Memorial Garden. This garden, located outside the front entrance to the Halifax Town Hall, was dedicated on Memorial Day this year in honor and memory of former Selectman and long-time public servant for the Town of Halifax, Margaret Fitzgerald. Donations should be made payable to “Town of Halifax”. A written note must accompany the donation indicating that it is for the Margaret Fitzgerald Garden Gift Account. The donor’s name and address should also be included. Mail donations, or drop them off, to the Town Hall, 499 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA. 02338, attention Sandra Nolan, Town Accountant. Donations to this fund are tax deductible, and will be acknowledged accordingly.