Open Meeting Law

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has statutes in place that govern how and when meetings of boards, committees, commissions, etc. can be held. Information about this subject is available at the Massachusetts Attorney General's web site, including:

The Law (Chapter 30A, Sections 18-25)

The Regulations (940 Code of Massachusetts Regulations 29.00)

The Attorney General's Guide to the Open Meeting Law

The site also has information about the complaint process, determinations by the Attorney General concerning the Open Meeting Law, training sessions and other events, additional documents and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and the Open Meeting Law Advisory Commission.

All members of all boards, committees, commissions, etc. must indicate that they have received a copy of the materials (the law, the regulations, and the guide) within two weeks of receiving them from the Town Clerk (typically, when that person is sworn-in).