Community Sign Requests

The Town of Halifax maintains one community sign for use by Town departments and community groups. The sign is located in front of the Fire Station on Plymouth Street.

The space on the sign is limited to two lines of text with a maximum of about 17 characters per line including spaces.

All requests for the use of the Town signs must be submitted to the Board of Selectmen¹s office at least ten days in advance of the date for when the message is requested to be posted. The contact person and the telephone number will be given out by the Town Clerk, Communications Center, and the Board of Selectmen to any person who calls requesting additional information about the event. Sign postings may be reduced due to the number of requests and scheduling of requests and events. Please remember, when deciding what text you want on the sign for a particular event, the actual event, the location, and the date and time are the most important information. Telephone numbers, ticket information, web site, etc. are less important.