Snow Plowing

The Highway Department is not responsible for damage to property placed on Town property or within the rights-of-way for streets plowed by the Town. This includes but is not limited to mailboxes, sprinkler systems, trees, shrubs or landscaping, fences, light poles, etc.

In most cases, the Town owns 10 feet beyond the asphalt surface for roads accepted by the Town. Mailboxes should be installed at least four feet from the edge of the asphalt to the front of the mailbox.

This, combined with the snow coming off the plow, is what causes most of the damage. It is impossible for the driver to see the edge of the asphalt under the snow; therefore, the plow may be off the edge of the road at times. In heavy snow conditions, the Department tries to push the snow at least a foot off the road.

There is a parking ban during the winter from November 1 to March 31.