Solar Fields

The Town of Halifax has approved two solar projects, sometimes called solar fields or solar farms. Each project includes a Payment In Lieu of Taxes aka "PILOT" that determines the revenues that Town will gain in place of the normal property tax levy along with other stipulations and requirements.

The first is located on the Halifax/Plympton line off Route 58 with Halifax Solar NG, LLC. The PILOT for this project is available.

The second project was to be located off of Summit Street but it has not been constructed. If it is, then this PILOT will go into effect.

A third project has been proposed off of Franklin Street. Town Meeting has authorized the Board of Selectmen and Board of Assessors to negotiate a PILOT. The proposed PILOT for this project is available.

When the terms of the PILOT are reached, it will be posted here and then presented to the townspeople for approval at a town meeting.

A fourth project has been proposed off of River Street. The developer has asked the Board of Selectmen to request that the townspeople authorize negotiations for a PILOT. If this authorization is approved at a town meeting, then the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Assessors will negotiate the PILOT and bring that PILOT to a future town meeting. A plan of this project is available.