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Plymouth County Mosquito Control

     When the Plymouth County Mosquito Control conducts aerial larviciding in the town of Halifax to reduce larval mosquito populations, spraying will be done only over selected swamps using Vectobac 12AS, #73049-38 (Bacillus thuringiensis~(Bt).  No applications will be made over residences.  


Bacillus thuringiensis~(Bt) is a naturally occurring bacterial disease of insects. These bacteria are the active ingredient in some insecticides.

Bt insecticides are most commonly used against some leaf- and needle-feeding caterpillars. Recently, strains have been produced that affect certain fly larvae, such as mosquitoes, and larvae of leaf beetles.

Bt is considered safe to people and nontarget species, such as wildlife. Some formulations can be used on essentially all food Crops.


    Please contact the Plymouth County Mosquito Control office at 781-585-5450 if further information is required.


WNv is spread by misquotes that prefer to breed in containers and stagnant water such as, tires, tarps, toys, buckets and untreated swimming pools.

Please prevent this by not allowing any standing water on your property and rinse out birdbaths once a week.


EEE is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.  In Massachusetts, the virus is most often identified in mosquitoes found in and around freshwater, hardwood swamps.


It is important that you avoid dusk to dawn outdoor activities.

Take every precaution to avoid mosquito bites, including using repellant, whenever outdoors.


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