Electricity Aggregation Program

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You may be receiving a new mailing this week about the Town of Halifax's electricity aggregation program. This is to confirm that the mailing is legitimate. Residents can choose to opt-in or opt-out of the program. For the winter billing cycle from November 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020, National Grid's rates are: residential - $0.13957 per kWh; commercial/streetlight - $0.12160 per kWh; industrial - $0.12204 per kWh. The aggregation rate for all classes during this period and until September 2020 is $0.10876 per kWh

To join Halifax’s Program, you can do one of two things:

  1. Visit www.colonialpowergroup.com/halifax/ and click the OPT-IN button, then fill out and submit the Opt-In Form.
  2. Call NextEra at (855) 724-6301 and ask to join the Town of Halifax’s Program.

For both of the above options, you should have your National Grid bill handy in order to provide some required information.  Enrollments can only be processed on meter reads so it may take one or two billing cycles before taking effect.

If you are not participating in the program and want to continue _not_ participating, you do not have to do anything.