Monponsett Beaches

West Monponsett Pond

Good news continues! Both ponds open!

West Monponsett Pond:  July 01/2020  Samples
Cyanobacteria: 8,665 cells per mL, well below DPH’s safety threshold of 70,000 cells per mL.

East Monponsett Pond: Zero


West Monponsett Pond - (Open)East Monponsett Pond - (Open)
State Boat Ramp (No Swimming at Any Time)Holmes Street Beach
(Public Beach) Monponsett Street - Rte 58(Public Beach for Halifax Residents)
Board of Health Contact - (781) 293-6768 Board of Health Contact (781) 293-6768
[email protected][email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Halifax Beach (Private Beach)

Annawon Drive Beach (Private Beach
Richview/Eleventh AvenuesFor residents of Annawon Dr. up to 49 Chestnut St.
Halifax Beach Association EmailMonponsett Lake Shores Improvement Assoc.(MLSIA)
 Contact Info: [email protected]
Lingan Street BeachTwin Lakes Condominium Beach (Private Beach)
(Public Beach for Halifax Residents)Holmes Street - Rte 36
Fourth AvenueTwin Lakes Condominium Trust
Board of Health Contact - (781) 293-6768Office: (781) 924-4318
[email protected] 
[email protected]