Important Dates for Property Owners

January 1st
“Assessment date” for the following fiscal year = 1/1/2019 for Fiscal Year 2020.
The fiscal Year 2020 = 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2020.

March 1st
The date that the 3ABC filing for exempt entities and Personal Property State Form of List are due in the
Assessors’ Office.

July 1st
Beginning of the fiscal year.

October 1st
Mailing of the actual tax bills. Also the filing deadline for Chapter Land Applications for 61,61A & 61B.

November 1st
The date the 1st half tax is due. Also the final date an abatement application can be filed. Abatement applications are available at the Assessors’ Office and on the Town of Halifax website.

April 1st
The last date to file exemption, hardship and tax deferral applications.

May 1st
​​​​​​​The date the 2nd half tax is due.