Motor Vehicle Tax

What are Excise Taxes?

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How do I pay my Excise Taxes?

  • By Mail: Send a check and the payment stub in the envelope provided to: Tax Collector, 499 Plymouth St., Halifax, MA 02338. Please do not include any other correspondence as this envelope goes directly to the bank for immediate deposit.
  • On-line: online bill pay.
  • In person: If you want a receipt or need to pay by cash or simply want to pay in person, come to the Halifax Town Hall, 499 Plymouth St., 1st Floor, Treasurer/Collector’s office between the hours of 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday. For additional information click here for Useful Links

What if I have additional questions?

Questions regarding abatement or an adjustment to your excise tax bill should be directed to the Halifax Assessors’ Office at 781-293-5960.

Questions regarding payment of your excise tax bill should be directed to the Treasurer/Collector's Office (781) 293-1728.

Click here for Abatement Application Forms.